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  • Slim N Slenda 50 - A Balanced Blend of Amino Acids


A Balanced Blend of Amino Acids, 50 vegetarian capsules.

A healthy lifestyle plays an important part of any diet, and nutrition is a necessary feature to dieting. Our cells require a stable supply of nutrients, and dieting can disturb the balance, when we eat less of the healthy foods which provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals, the body does not function the same.

Slim – N – Slenda is a healthy weight loss program, with a blend of amino acids tailored to provide the body with nutrition while you sleep. The ‘essential’ Amino Acids cannot be produced naturally by the body and are produced by our food; therefore, Slim – N – Slenda supplies the valuable nutrients the body requires, along with the following beneficial qualities for weight loss:

  • Carnitine - is associated in fat metabolism and helps to transport fatty acids.
  • Arginine -   allows the liver to process the fats.
  • Aspartic Acid -   is important in aiding metabolism and is a cleanser which eliminates waste from the body.
  • Phenylalanine - is involved in controlling the body’s natural appetite mechanism.

Simply take 2-3 capsules 1 hour before bed and allow Slim – N – Slenda to do the rest – break down stored fats while you sleep, curb appetite, reduce cravings, make your body work more efficiently, increasing energy and vigour while keeping your body adequately nourished.

Slim N Slenda 50 - A Balanced Blend of Amino Acids

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